Donors Choose Project - Camera Technology

My students' use of modern camera technology will help them learn from each other and the world around them, and help them express their individuality and world perspectives through the use of this technology.

My students will use these cameras and devices to create documentaries and stories concerning their lives through concepts in biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering.  By using DSLRs, iPads, and Go Pro cameras to capture as much information as possible, they will be able to tell their own personal stories.  With your help and generosity my students will achieve these goals!

Adopt A Classroom Project - Animals and Specimen

All funds will go directly to purchasing live organisms, their supplies, and bone clone specimen.

The living organism's supplies include, terrariums, plants, soil, substrate, hides, power strips for lights and heat lamps. The organisms themselves require a steady stream of food such as crickets, mice, worms, and vegetables. They also require warmth via heat lamps and ultraviolet light via uvb compact florescent bulbs which can get expensive over time.

The funds will also go to purchasing bone clone specimen, such as a human skeleton, wolf and tiger skulls, talons, and various kinds of teeth. All of the bone clones are not real bones but molds of real bones. The bone clones are too expensive for either myself or the school to pay for, but with generous donations from YOU then anything is possible. Donate what you can to help the science classroom and science students to reach their full potential!